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From traditional manufacturing industry steps to high technology, Taiwan industry has been experienced many times of transforming. However, the things that has not been changed is…., in between, no matter what kind of industry they are…, big ones such as car bumper or small ones such as mobile phone lens…IC packaging..etc, as long as their parts are plastic parts, plastic products, they all need to develop the mold. Only then, ones can make the mass production of those plastic parts and eventually the mass production of their final end product production. And in between, Taiwan holds successfully the mold development successful key factors.

In past several ten years, the prosperous development of Taiwan manufacturing industry creates the economic miracle. However, for now, Taiwan industrial structure can not help but has to change now.

One CEO of Modern Technology company, Chang R.Y. says: only producing the goods and sale in past, the net profit for that is too low. Once entering the red sea war, as long as one has unique production technology or unique niche market, then, the other can not compete with him.

The R&D engineer of this modern technology company, doctor Huang S.W expresses: ….. “this research room is our lab for measuring material…this is our testing model for standard flow field ratio in our lab.., per the channel that has been built from mold, it has been filled per this track step by step”.

Located in Hsinchu Science Park, Tai-Yuanm, this company has only with 200 employees, however, the business what they do is worldwide business. The Professor Chang in employee’s talking is Doctor Chang R.Y who teaches in Tsinghua University for long time.., who explores the cooperation in between the industry and the educational institution up to the top situation.

The CEO of the Modern Technology company, Chang R.Y. says: we put all the developed theory of all masters and doctors and all research institutions to this program to enable to let all people to utilize these knowledge. We not only put the scientific theory in it, but also integrating all the scientific knowledge of the Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, including production tools..these machinery equipment and their accessory..including material supplier…etc.

The news reporter, Lin says:…..for all plastic products around our life, before they start making production, they all need to develop the mold. However, during the mold design process, it has to go through several times of failure to accomplish the issue that only the software now can solve the same issue….!

The CEO of the Modern Technology company, Chang R.Y. says: …as one designer makes one drawing, he can entrust us to testify those key points that, such as …how to design the mold for the future, what kind of shortage it will cause.., including one year can produce how many piece of product…how is the quality level..etc.., we can estimate all these, in other words, analysis all material’s molding process in mold to control all factors one by one, each by each clearly….!

A good mold can raise up high quality and satisfied yield rate of products and reduce manufacturing process, eventually, can increase ones competence capability.

China International Economic Research Institute director, Cheng S.H expresses: how to follow up the industrial progressive process to extend its core competence is our task in Taiwan. Taiwan must become something in this sector, only then, we can form so called “invisible champion” or “the role of key components maker”.

By using 30 years learning experience plus integrating its application on industry becoming a must necessary important role is the way where the core competence is. How to let this nongovernmental people’s force converge to push Taiwan’s economic up to higher level, educational institution-industry cooperation is absolutely the key to success !