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11.11 Global Shopping Festival will be "the largest-ever in scale and reach


11.11 will focus on the concept of ’New Retail’ that blends online and offline experiences

Alibaba says its 11.11 Global Shopping Festival will be "the largest-ever in scale and reach" to mark its 10th anniversary.


This year’s Single’s Day, which will see more than 180,000 global brands participating, is focusing on the Alibaba’s concept of ’New Retail’ that blends the best of online and offline experiences. Some 200,000 smart stores in China, fast-moving consumer goods, beauty products, automobile and home decor retailers will help boost traffic to online and shops, according to Alibaba Group news service Alizila.


“This year marks the 10th anniversary of 11.11," said said Daniel Zhang, Alibaba Group chief executive officer at the official launch of this year’s Global Shopping Festival in Bejing. "On the back of China’s explosive digital transformation, the Festival’s astounding growth over the past decade has powered the steady rise in quality consumption sought by Chinese shoppers. The evolution also showcases the development of the Alibaba ecosystem over time, expanding well beyond ecommerce."


Key brands in Alibaba Group will offer home and international consumers luxury and exclusive items on the day. These will include 100 Hema stores, 400 RT Marts, and 62 Intimate Malls, as well as 22 Easyhome stores.

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