Intertech’s mold cavity design support


Custom askes us :

What is reason for choosing the layout as one long array 1 x 8, and not putting them up as a 4 x 4. (this would minimize the runner) ?


Our Support:

For the parts that needs to run with slide structure in mold, better the runner is designed for material running balanced. 
We explain this with three mold 
cavity design sketches in following contents.  
We give our suggestion: the best design is sketch A (please refer to the following sketch). 


- Sketch A: is designed as per the material running  balancely (the present design)

- Sketch B: runner can be shorter, but material running is not that balanced.


- Sketch C: this means your 4x4, this is not workable in this project.




Welcome to send your parts design, we will support you with our best cavity design proposal.